Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 10 Finals in Japan

Presented by UBISOFT

Production: LIVE NATION

Association: CBC Television

Seating type: 2-Day Standard pass(Open seating) ¥3,500(tax included)

2-Day Recruit Pass + Guardian(Open seating) *15 years old with a guardian \5,000(tax included)

2-Day Diamond Pass (limited premium seat) \7,500 (tax included)
※Enter through the designated gate. Seated close to the stage. The designated line for the in-house store. Diamond pass only limited official T-shirts.

* Ticket price includes sales tax.
* There will be no guarantee of validity for tickets bought through an unofficial vendor. In case of trouble, the secretariate will have no involvement.
* Ticket will be replaced with a wristband. Please note you won't be able to enter the venue with a ticket.
* After the ticket is exchanged with a wristband, it will be the proof of purchase therefore if you remove it loses its validity. Please do not remove the wristband until you leave the venue.
* There will be no re-issue of ticket or wristband under any circumstances. If you lose it on the event day you will either have to leave or buy a new ticket so please be careful how you handle it.
* No entrance allowed for those aged under 15.
* For those aged above 15 you can enter with an adult.
* Admission under 16 is not possible. However, 2-Day Recruit Pass + Guardian(Open seating) can only be entered if you are 15 years old and accompanied by an adult.
* Under 18 cannot stay in the venue after 22:00.
* There will be a photo ID check at the gate so please bring one of the IDs determined by organizer (no photocopy allowed).
please bring one;
- Driving License
- Passport
- Foreign Resident Registration Card
- Student Card
- Certificate of Residence (with photo)
- My Number Card
- Disability Card

please bring two;
- Insurance Card
- Copy of Certificate of Residence
- Certificate of the Family Register
- Certificate of Individual Records
- Seal registration certificate
- pension book
If you are unable to provide IDs at the gate, we will refuse your entry.
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