Korea's No.1 Non-verbal Performance!

* Non-verbal performance
No dialogues, consisting of music, gibberish and motions, there is no language barrier in NANTA. The biggest strength of NANTA to be performed abroad and to be enjoyed by people of various cultural backgrounds is its greatness of nonverbal performance.

* Traditional Korean Rhythms
NANTA combines rhythms of Korean folk music with modern musical forms to create an experience of unique and familiar to the international audience.

* Drama
Many nonverbal performances can seem dull because they consist of only rhythms and beats. NANTA overcomes this drawback by using the art of cuisine as its background, and adding dramatic scenes to the performance.

* Audience Participation
The audience of NANTA becomes a part of the show. They perform on stage. Spectators can be the bride and groom of the traditional Korean wedding ceremony, compete in dumpling stacking, and interact with the performers. Everyone at NANTA Theatre meets the extreme thrill and fever of the rhythms and fun!

* NANTA Open-run Theatre
NANTA has built NANTA Open-run theatre in Seoul for the first in Korea. The first standing performing-art theater was essential for a performance to have shows for decades. The NANTA Theatre has become the top 10 Tourist Attraction in Seoul and is always full of audience. In addition, the first Asian musical on Broadway, New York, NANTA theatre is at all times welcoming foreign visitors.

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