WOMB Artdoor present IN MOOD TOUR 2020

外の世界に広がる自然にアクセスする ART な DOOR を開ける一端を担うことで、一つでも気付きや共感、そして笑顔が生まれる事を目的として活動する ARTDOOR CREW。

今回の『IN MOOD』TOUR 2020 では、東京、白馬、四日市、の3都市での公演を通して参加してくれた皆さんにニセコ発 ARTDOOR の雰囲気や世界観をプレゼントする。

If We Make You Happy We Are Happy Too.


11月7日土曜日。WOMB にてツアースタート!
ARTDOOR CREW works with the goal of cultivating awareness, empathy, and laughter by opening a DOOR to ART that accesses nature and spreads to the outside world.

This group manages an event that combines natural art and sound within a space in Niseko, an exceptional location in Hokkaido that has achieved an impressive first place among snow resorts around the world for five years.
Each member works interestingly on their own, implementing a method of consolidating and releasing the background of stand-alones that gather and set out in every direction.

For the "IN MOOD" TOUR 2020, we will present the atmosphere and world view of ARTDOOR Niseko to everyone who participates in the performances in Tokyo, Hakuba, and Yokkaichi.

If We Make You Happy We Are Happy Too.

"We are so excited to meet you. From ARTDOOR CREW"

The tour starts at WOMB on Saturday, November 7th.
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