MUTEK.JP 2020 - Nocturne 2

The core program of each edition Nocturne will return to Shibuya Stream Hall for two nights of audiovisual experimentation on Friday, December 11th, and Saturday, December 12th.

After a groundbreaking performance in 2019, Akiko Nakayama returns to MUTEK.JP, this time for the premiere of a new collaboration with pianist Eiichi Sawado on Saturday, December 12th. The fusion of Sawado’s acoustic music explorations and Nakayama’s organic paint-based visual art will make for an impactful counterpoint to the digital experiences of Nocturne 1. They will be joined by the duo Neutral consisting of Kansai-based producer Fumitake Tamura and a true pioneer of the Japanese electronic music scene AOKI takamasa. Their beat project Neutral explores rhythm variations at the intersection of Techno and Hip Hop music, blending the genres together to form a unique blend of minimal beats.

Watch out for three more artists that will be added to the Nocturne 2 program at the end of November.

From December 10th to 12th MUTEK.JP will return to Shibuya’s Stream Hall for it’s 5th anniversary presenting 3-days of groundbreaking performances of electronic music and audiovisual art. Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic the festival seeks to support the local creative community through continuing to provide a space for artistic expression and exploration. The physical program will be extended onto MUTEKs virtual festival platform (, where all performances will be live streamed, and additional content including exclusive audiovisual performances, conferences, and virtual galleries are presented.

>> Measures to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) <<

In order to ensure the well-being of visitors, artists and the MUTEK.JP team alike the physical performances will take place under strict hygiene measures outlined below, in order to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19):

● Before entering the venue we will request your contact information (full name + email address), in order to efficiently implement contact tracing measures (the information will be stored for 1 month)
● We require a minimum distance of 1m between visitors at all times including when waiting in line for admission
● At entry event staff will measure each visitors body temperature and require each visitor to disinfect their hands. Visitors with a temperature exceeding 37.5°C will be denied entry
● Mask wearing is mandatory at all times. Masks will be on sale at the entrance for ¥100 for those who might have forgotten
● Please follow any additional instructions presented at the venue or given by the event staff
● If you start feeling unwell while inside the venue, please immediately inform the event staff
● Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly, especially after using the rest rooms
● Drinks will be provided only in PET bottles. There will not be any sales of alcoholic beverages in accordance with the venue guidelines.
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