- The 10th Anniversary in OZE -

10th Anniversary event Announcement!

This is the first Global Ark event of 2021. The details are as follows:

Outline of the event
Title: GLOBAL ARK 2021 - The 10th Anniversary


Venue: Hotaka ranch camping ground
(2797-2, Hanasaki, Katashina Village, Tone County, Gunma Prefecture)

Date: Friday, August 27, Saturday, August 28, Sunday, August 29, 2021

Fee: Advance tickets: 9,000 yen (limited) *Day tickets is not available this year.

Transportation, parking and camp fee's : 2,000 yen per parking space

1 tent : 1,500 yen / 1 tarp : 2,000 yen

Super reasonable round-trip tour bus: Direct bus service between Tokyo and the venue; round-trip fee: TBD
Available on GLOBAL ARK Official Web from July 1, 2020.

Dress code: Thin and fashionable masks (design masks, handmade masks, cool masks for summer, cool masks, neck gaiters, etc.)

About the Venue:
The previous venue was tough to navigate, so we took special care to find a better venue that is easier to get around.
This year the parking lot is close enough to the venue there is no need for a shuttle service, and the entrance line will be much shorter than last year.

A word of caution: On the walk to the even there is a very steep slope, so we recommend you make your luggage as compact as possible.

However ~ there will be services to carry your luggage up the hill, only costing about 300-500 yen per couple(unless you plan on bringing your whole house! haha).
It's worth the walk! The view from the plateu is so good, it's worth the hike.
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