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DESIGNART hosts "DESIGNART CREATIVE CONFERENCE -BRIDGE-"annually inviting frontline scholars and artists for talk sessions in order to initiate and develop the art, design and creative industries.

「DESIGNART TOKYO 2021」( will present 4 talk sessions with a exclusive lineup between October 25th-28th.
Organizations, education institutes, government agencies and creators come together regardless of borders to think about the future that exists beyond art and design.


The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has restricted the communication between people, territories and countries and created a new divide. But at the same time, the urgency to evolutionize existing concepts has created opportunities for us to return to the basics and search for the new creatives.

From the loneliness we experience during the pandemic, to the moderation in pollution rates due to declining economical activities, we learn yet again that we are life forms with socialites, we born and revive amongst cycles of all sorts, and we continuously influence one another.

"DESIGNART TOKYO" has contributed to the creation of new art, design, business and societal cycles by connecting creators, organizations and venues across different sectors and countries.

After the great reset, people have increasingly realized the importance of proactively connecting with their neighborhoods, societies and the globe. That is why we believe now is the chance to start ""Co-Circulation"".

At this conference, we have invited those who have boosted the society and environment using art and design. We want this to be the starting point to extending the cycle in ""Co-Circulation"" and bridge towards action in the future.



Session 1 - Architecture and Urbanism in Post-COVID Age That Bridges to Paris 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of the architecture industry as well. Architect Kengo Kuma, who was engaged in design of the National Stadium, and Dominique Perrault, who is in charge of new urban design for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, will discuss the outcomes that public architecture brings to the cities and civic lives in the post-COVID age.



Kengo Kuma (Architect)

Dominique Perrault (Architect / Urban Planner)

Facilitator: Yamana Yoshiyuki (Architect / Art Historian / Professor of Tokyo University of Science, Department of Architecture)


Event date:

Japan/Asia time - 2021/10/25 (Mon) 18:30-20:00 (JST)

Europe time - 2021/10/28 (Thu) 21:00-22:30 (France time)


Language: Japanese / French

Co- Organize:Institut français du Japon - Tokyo(

Recording Venue: Espace images, Institut français du Japon - Tokyo


Session 2 | Japan x Taiwan! Share New Language to Discuss Asian Design.

Asian Design is a growing movement in Japan and Taiwan. Dr. Chi-Yi Chang, President of the Taiwan Design Research Institute, and Johnny Chiu, who is the founder of J.C. Architecture and the deputy president of APSDA, with a Japanese Product Designer Keita Suzuki under the facilitation of Ryuko Kida, ELLE DECOR Brand Director, will discuss what it will take for Asia to have its own design narrative without being constrained by the Eurocentric outlook on design, and will also share Taiwan's design strategy.



Chi-Yi Chang (President of Taiwan Design Research Institute)

Johnny Chiu (Architect / Founder of J. C. Architecture / Deputy President of APSDA)

Suzuki Keita (Product Designer/ PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER)

Facilitator: Ryuko Kida (ELLE DECOR Brand Director)


Date: 2021/10/26 (Tue) 18:30-20:00 (JST / CTT 17:30-19:00)

Language: Japanese / Chinese

Recording Venue: Espace images, Institut français du Japon - Tokyo


Session 3 | Art is Lifeline. Will the Democratization of Art Happen in Japan?

In Japan, people still shy away from art because of the feeling of self-conscious, and it is lamented that the scale of the market has not been expanding. However, due to the expansion of COVID-19, it made the world realize once again how art has been supporting us spiritually and create richness in our minds. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel threw a question before, what should we do to realize that art is our lifeline in Japan as well?



Kyoko Hattori(Phillips Auctioneers Japan Regional Director)

Takayuki Ishii(Taka Ishii Gallery Owner)

Facilitator: Teiya Iwabuchi(Editor in Chief of Bijutsu Techo Magazine)


Event date: 2021/10/27 (Wed) 18:30-20:00

Language: Japanese


Session 4 | Sustainable Manufacturing Through Craftsmanship and Technology

The act of "creation" is an activity in the ecosystem, where resources are extracted from the earth and living things, manufactured, and produced. At the same time, it is an act that circulates not only the economy but also social activities. Now that this cycle is being distorted, what can we do to redesign it to a sustainable creation? We will look into the power of creativity expanded by manual techniques and technology.



Keisuke Toyoda (Project Professor at Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, noiz, gluon)

Jin Kuramoto (Product Designer/ JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO)

Facilitator: Arina Tsukada (Editor/Curat/Whole Universe)


Event date: 2021/10/28 (Thu) 18:30-20:00

Language: Japanese


Ticket Details:

Price: 1day (1Session) Ticket: ¥1,500 / 4DAYS (4Sessions) Ticket: ¥3,000

Registration deadline: 30 minutes after the start of each talk session

*For 4DAYS (4Sessions) Ticket, registration deadline is till 2021/10/26 (Tue) 19:00 (JST)


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