+HD Audio is a sound quality plug-in that can be added to live streaming developed by ZAIKO.

In addition to the standard sound quality (192 kbps recommended), the HD audio quality option will be added, enabling organizers to deliver live streaming to viewers in the highest sound quality (up to 384 kbps) for maximum enjoyment of the artists' best performance.

Audio Comparison

The sound quality of HD audio contains a lot of information in the frequency range that is not clearly audible to the normal ear, which allows you to enjoy a richer and more three-dimensional viewing experience overall.

For the best result, please listen to the audio using your headphones.

Basic Quality (192kbps)

+HD Audio Quality (384kbps)

Recommended Viewing Environment

+HD Audio sound quality is affected by the playback environment (speaker and headphone performance) of the viewing device, so it is recommended that you prepare an optimal playback environment for viewing.

● A device with a playable range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz is recommended to get the most out of +HD Audio.
● Wired devices are more stable and efficient than Bluetooth for +HD Audio.

+The Appeal of +HD Audio

ZAIKO is the only platform which supports +HD Audio for live streaming (live & archived)! (*As of May 20, 2021)

Delivery Benefits

● By delivering live performances in the highest audio quality (maximum 384 kbps, recommended setting 320 kbps or higher).
● Provide users with a high quality live viewing experience.

Audience Benefits

● Viewers who wish to do so can purchase the option to watch the live stream in high quality audio.
● Viewers who do not wish to purchase this option will continue to be able to watch in normal audio quality.
● ZAIKO Premium members can choose +HD Audio at no extra charge.