White Label Ticketing

Your Ticket, Your Brand

Bespoke your event any way you want. Concerts, conferences, meet-and-greets - if you can name it, we can get it done. Sell your tickets directly from your website, or take advantage of our customizable microsite.

Free or Paid Tickets Available
Lottery Tickets Option
Any Ticket Types including VIP, Pre-sale
100% Self-Service

Engage With Your Fanbase

Your biggest asset is your followers, your fans. Spend more time convert them into paying customers, and let ZAIKO handle the rest of the ticket payment process.

100% Paperless Tickets
Fraud-Proof Check-in System
PayPal & CVS Accepted
Stripe Partner
Dashboard Analytics

Data at your Service

Numbers mean very little if you cannot interpret them. We break down everything from how user interacts with your event page, to what type of music they are interested in. Harness the power of big data for smarter sales strategy when planning your next events.

Secure User Data
We make sure your customer data stays yours

We do more than just sell tickets

ZAIKO unlocks your event’s exposure through unique sales channel consisting of news media, KOLs, and venues around the world.

Maximize your brand potential and turn it into a viable revenue stream through ticketing commissions and upsell opportunities. You make money for every event you help promote.

Leverage the power of media to sell your tickets. Make your tickets available to them while setting your own terms, including sales and commission.


Set your own rates with absolutely no hidden fees.

I am an Event Organizer


*The minimum rate for white-label event
Recommended rate is 2.89% plus customer fee

ZAIKO provides real-time support in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean - all free of charge

I am a Media Company


To become a ZAIKO Media Partner

You are expert at creating great content about events because that is what your readers expect.

By joining ZAIKO you can monetize content you write about events by selling tickets for those events under your own brand. In addition, you get to keep your customer data so that you can re-market to your own users in the future.