Build Your Own Ticketing Platform

Sell a completely original ticket while maintaining your branding.
Promote your own brand by selling white label tickets.

We are used by a wide range of customers such as artists, productions, events, e-sports, theater, and conferences.








Be In Full Control

Professional ticket sales system developed in-house.

Ticket Transfer
Automatic Seating Numbers
Fan Club & API Integration
Free Tickets
Merchandise Upsell
Secret, Member-only Tickets
Group Discounts
Lottery Tickets
Multilingual Purchase & Support

Where are ZAIKO Tickets sold?

  • Use the auto-generated event page as link or QR code on a flyer
  • Embed in the official website with a buy button, banner or Zaiko widget
  • Promote inside Instagram stories or through twitter
  • Add as the ticket link to Facebook events
  • Distribute tickets for sale to influencers or media
  • API or Authentication Key to sell from inside your Fan Clubs

ZAIKO supports these payment options

User Data & CRM Tools

Break away from the traditional black box type of buyer data. Direct communication with ticket buyers

Secure user data obtained by ticket purchase

Media Network

Sell by yourself, or use the option to raise the commission and sell tickets on media or influencers, and get your event promoted.

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