What is ZAIKO?

An Online Ticket sales platform serving all sizes of businesses in arts, music, sports and tourism.

  • ZAIKO is a white label ticketing solution- Your brand is important to you, so it's important to us.
  • ZAIKO is a 100% proprietary system built entirely in-house. We build tools based on customer feedback.
  • ZAIKO ensures that you get the most out of customer data by giving communication and data analytic tools to our clients.
  • ZAIKO offers multi-language, multi-currency support

Why Live Streaming?

Streaming is here to stay. Not here to replace live events, but to add another layer for fans to participate.

Live Streaming is scalable and not limited to venue capacity or geographic location.
Live streaming allows for fan friendly pricing as the event is not limited to a physical location.
Real time fan engagement and upselling increases the fan experience, and creates huge revenue opportunities.
Fan clubs can be set up upon ticket purchase allowing for recurring revenue in the future, and in-stream purchases of “Stickits” are a way for fans to give back to artists while also gaining collectible e-merchandise.

* Click on ‘Get Ticket’ for a sample of how Zaiko live streaming works.

Artist & Management
Event Promoter & Venue
Talent Agencies

Live Stream Settings

Video 1080p / Codec H.264 / 1920 x 1080 / 60 fps(max)
Audio 192kbps AAC

  • Unlimited number of viewer
  • Secure - Only ticket buyers can access
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous streaming
  • 72 hours of archived video if tickets are kept on-sale for the duration

Live stream requirements

  • Recommended App: Encoder (OBS)
  • Verify video and audio input
  • Send the RTMP URL / stream key and input to the shooting terminal

* ZAIKO will share the necessary information to set up the event

New possibilities with LIVE STREAMING

  • Every purchaser becomes your fan forever. The data is yours.
  • Leverage your audience analytics for future shows and marketing opportunities.
  • Performances can be archived for extended access and general marketing purposes. Multi-language support and multi-currency support make it possible for fans overseas to participate in live broadcasts.


Produced by CHET Production

Remote your live experience with a virtual live studio.
A new performance and experience in virtual space production.

Virtual space production professionals fully support artist live performances. If conditions are met, the initial cost of the artist side will be free, and as a partner of complete revenue sharing, JET will use CG and virtual studios to create performances and experiences that cannot be realistic with the artist.

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Stickits & Conversation

Two features that will increase revenue from any stream and increase fan interaction with an artist they love, you!

Stickits can be added at the time of ticket purchase, during and after broadcast, not only to increase revenue but also to track audience behavior and engagement.

Conversation real-time interaction with audience using Twitter, building up trending worldwide.