What are NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible tokens.”


NFT are assets secured and tracked on the blockchain, similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This means they are a “digital asset,” or a “digital object.”


NFTs are popular as a collectible, similar to how many people collect art or rare memorabilia. In other words, they can be collected and even re-sold at great value due to demand, just like real-life items.


When you own an NFT you receive a unique item, the only one of its kind. The NFT is a unique digital asset owned only by you.


Digitama™, stands for Digital Tamashii. With Digitama, fans can write themselves forever into an artist’s history through the blockchain ledger. Digitama™ are totally unique, and only one will be made available at a time.
Zaiko is accepting limited applications for artists interested in joining the first release of Digitama. As we are accepting only a small number of artists, please submit your profile through the application below as soon as possible.

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