ZAIKO Inc. (“Company”) warrants that it shall comply with laws, regulation, and guidelines, in order to protect the personal information of customers who are using the Company`s services or accessing the Company`s website (“Customers”).

This privacy policy (“Policy”) sets out the manner the Company handles of personal information that will be obtained from Customers living in the European Union (including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). Further, this Policy applies to the use of the Company`s travel tour services and the access to the Company`s website (“Services”). 

Article 1 (Definition of Personal Information)
In this Policy, “Personal Information” shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Article 2 (Acquisition and Processing of Personal Information)
1. In order to provide the Services and to achieve the processing purposes set forth herein, the Customers have consented for the Company to obtain their Personal Information. In addition, when Customers accesses the Company`s website, the Company may automatically obtain information such as the Customers’ IP address, cookies, or web beacon from the Customers’ web browser and the Company may utilize such information in order to display advertisement or browsing history on the Customers` web browser.

2. Customers may withdraw their consent at any time, but the withdrawal of such consent shall not affect the validity of the handling of any of Customers’ Personal Information prior to the withdrawal. Personal Information of persons below the age of 16 years will be obtained with the consent of the holder of parental responsibility over such persons.

3. In principle, the Company will not process Customers` personal information beyond the scope of the purposes as set out in the table herein. Such processing purpose may include, acquiring, recording, editing, structuring, storing, modifying or altering, restoring, viewing, transferring disclosure, publicizing or otherwise making known, aligning or combining, restricting, deleting or destroying any personal data or set of personal data, whether or not by automatic means. However, the Company’s` Personal information may be processed beyond the scope of the processing purposes, if:
i) A separate agreement have been entered with the Customers;
i). The handling of Personal Information is required in order to fulfill the agreement between the Customers and the Company;
iii) Data processing is required to comply with the legal obligations to which the Company is subjected to;
iv) Processing is necessary to protect the interests of the Customers or other natural persons;
v) The Personal Information needs to be processed in the performance of services for the public interest (including medical purposes such as public health, social protection and healthcare services) or for the exercise of public authority granted to the Company; or
vi) Processing is required for the legitimate interests pursued by the Company or a third party.


Purpose of Use Table

Processing Objective

Processing Purpose



Provision, maintenance and improvement of the Services


To purchase tickets through the Services and to confirm the identity of individual purchasing the accommodation (including the provision of information to the event organizers), and to prevent unauthorized processing of the Service.

For the smooth provision, maintenance and improvement of the Services.

For the settlement of ticket expenses, etc.

To improve quality of the Services, such as by improving convenience and functionality.

For temporary storage backup for the purpose of the operation of the Services.

For conducting surveys on the processing of situation and environment and for producing statistical date for the purpose of improving the Services’ website.

To protect the Company and Customers from any security risk and malicious system 





Date of Birth and Age


Passport Number 

E-mail Address

Telephone Number

Customers’` information that is necessary for payment for the Services (such as, Bank Account information)

Log-in and Browsing History Information 

Information related to Individual Identity Certificate

Information related to User’s liking

Purchase history of the tickets through the Service


Notification and Response to the Customers


For the purpose of responding to inquiries about the Services.

To response to any violation of the “Terms and Conditions” for the processing of the Services and for prevention of such violation.

For the purpose of notifying important announcement of the Service, including but not limited to, amendment of the “Terms and Conditions” for the processing of the Services or this Policy, or suspending, discontinuing, or canceling the Services.

For dealing with disputes, lawsuits, etc.


Contact Information, such as E-Mail Address

Name, Affiliation and other Information necessary for the provision of the Services. 


Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information to a Third Party 


The Third Party receiving the information listed on the right column, shall process such information for the following purposes: 

To analyses such information, in order to optimize the circulation of advertisement in collaboration with the advertisement platforms and DSP providers; and to provide collaborative services 

To support the Company`s marketing operations. 


Name, Affiliation and other Information necessary for the provision of the Services.


Creation of Statistical Data


For the smooth provision, maintenance and improvement of the Services 

For the purpose of customizing information for the circulation of advertisements according to the age, occupation, sex, hobbies, etc. of the Customers.

To improve Services quality, such as by improving convenience and functionality. 


All or part of the information listed above. 

E-Mail Address

Name, Affiliation and other Information necessary for the provision of the Services.

Customers’` information that is necessary for payment for the Services (such as, Bank Account information)

Log-in and Browsing History Information 


Article 3 (Revision of Purpose of Use)
The Company may revise the purpose of use set forth in Article 2 above, to the extent that  such revision is deemed to be reasonably related to the original purpose of use, upon which, the Company will either notify the Customers privately or make an announcement publicly to that effect through the manner separately established by the Company and the Company will obtain the Customers` consent once more.

Article 4 (Acquisition of Personal Information)
1. The Company shall acquire Customers’ Personal Information appropriately without deception or other wrongful means based on the consent of the Customers.

2. In the event the Company acquires personal information other than through the use of the Services by the Customer, it shall notify or publicly announce the purpose of the processing of such Personal Information in advance and obtain the consent of the Customers in a manner to be separately prescribed by the Company.

Article 5 (Safety Management System)
In order to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage and to protect of Customers’ information, the Company has taken the necessary and appropriate measures for the security management of Customers’ information, such as implementing access restriction to Personal Information files, limiting right of access to the necessary minimum, recording access logs, and introducing security software to prevent unauthorized access from outside. In the event the handling of Customers’ Personal Information is entrusted to a third party in whole or in part, the Company shall enter into a confidentiality agreement with such third party in accordance with this Policy and shall exercise necessary and appropriate supervision so that such third party can ensure the safe management of the Customers’ Personal Information.

Article 6 (Handling of E-Mail Address)
1. In order to prevent loss, theft, destruction, falsification, leakage, or unauthorized access to the Customers’ e-mail addresses obtained through the Services, the Company shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and other norms relating to Personal Information and shall make every effort to protect such e-mail addresses.

2. In order to protect Customers’ e-mail addresses, the Company takes measures that only limited number of the Company`s employees have the authorization to access to Customers` email addresses.

3. When it is necessary for the Company to communicate with the Customers, the Company may use Customers’ e-mail address to sends any notice, such as important announcement.

Article 7 (Cookies)
1. The website for the Services uses technology called "cookie" and other similar technology.

2. A cookie (“Cookies”) is an industry standard technique by which the Company`s server identify the user of a computer through the browser. Using cookies, the Customers' information can be recorded on the Customers computer`s hard disk or the like.

3. The Company uses the Cookies to log in to the Customers` specific “My Page” and collect information with regard to the overall trends and patterns. The collected information is used to analyze access trends and to provide better services.

4. The Cookies can identify the browser of the Computer that the Customers used but cannot identify the Customers personally.

5. Customers can change the setting on their browsers as to disable the Cookies function, but as a result, some or all of the Services on the website may not be available.

Article 8 (Third-party Service)
The Company may provide the Services in combination with a third party servicey ("Third-party Service"). In the event the Customer wishes to use the Services in cooperation with the Third-part Service, the Company may provide the such Third-party Service provider with the Customers` Personal Information.

Article 9 (Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Information)
1. In addition to the circumstances where disclosure of personal information is permitted under the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law or any other laws and regulations, the Company may disclose or share such personal information with a third party with the consent of the Customer in the following circumstances:
i) When the Company entrusts a third party with the handling of Personal Information, in whole or in part, within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use prescribed in this Policy;
ii) When depositing Customers` Personal Information who use the Services to a payment system company, credit company, or bank for the purpose of charging the Customers for the usage fee;
iii) Where Customers’ Personal Information is succeeded due to the Company being merged or any other similar business transaction with a third-party; or
iv) When the disclosure of Customers` Personal Information is requested by a court, police, or other public agency in accordance with laws and regulations.

Article 10 (Customers` Rights Relating to Personal Information)
1. The Customers may submit a request to the Company with regards to their Personal Information, for the following matters:
i) Access to their Personal Information;
ii) Correction or deletion of their Personal Information;
iii) Processing restriction of their Personal Information;
iv) Opposition to processing of their Personal Information; or
v) Data portability rights of their Personal Information.

2. If the Customers make any request to any of the matters prescribed in Article 10.2 above, the Customers acknowledges that they shall contact the Company through the contact details prescribed in Article 11 below.

3. In the event of any request is made by the Customers pursuant to the preceding Article 9.2 the Company shall, after conducting verification of the identity of the requestor, respond to the Customers` requests to the extent reasonable without delay. Provided, however, that this provision shall not apply in the event the Company is not obligated under the Japanese’s Personal Information Protection Law or any other relevant laws and regulations.

4. The Customers have the right to challenge the Company in the manner the Company handles Personal Information, by making a complaint with a competent national data protection authority.

Article 11 (Inquiry)
For any comments, questions, requests, and other matters concerning the Company handling of Personal Information, please contact the Company at the following:
Tel: 03-4577-7722
The reception time shall be from 10:00 p.m. to 17:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Article 12 (Organizational Structure)
1. The Company appoints a security information manager to appropriately manage and continuously improve the handling of Personal Information by the Company

2. The Company warrants that it will comply with all laws and regulations concerning the protection of Personal Information and the guideline issued by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The Company will also continuously improve its internal management system for the protection of Personal Information according to changes in the social environment.

Article 13 (Indemnification)
1.The Company will not be responsible, where one of the Customers by himself/ herself discloses his/her Personal Information to a third party;
2. The Company will not be responsible, in the event the Customers disclose information on the Services that is not required by the Company, and as a result from the such disclosure the Customers can be identified and thereby suffers damage.

Article 14 (Revision to this Policy)
Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to continuously review and improve handling of Personal Information and may revise this Policy from time to time as it deems necessary. The revision of this Policy shall bind the Customers upon publication of such revision on the Company`s website and after obtaining the consent of the Customers.

Article 15 (Caution)
The Services provided by the Company may include links to services other than those managed by the Company, and the Company shall not be responsible for the contents and the privacy policy of such services.

Article 16 (Term of Retention of Personal Information)
The Company shall promptly delete any Personal Information acquired and processed from the Customers that is no longer required for the purpose of use as set forth in Article 2 hereof. Provided, however, the Company may retain the Personal Information even after such information is no longer required for the purpose of use prescribed in Article 2, for the following purposes:
i) Storage for the purpose of public interest;
ii) When use for the process of scientific research; or
iii) For the purpose of statistical processing.


Established on 2019/10/15