Introducing New Member Rewards and Benefits

What are Z-Points ?

Members-Only Rewards Program

You can earn and redeem points for discounts on ticket purchases

*Only with an active ZAIKO Premium subscription
What is ZAIKO Premium?

How to Earn Z-Points ?

You earn Z-Points from all purchases.

You earn points from purchasing offline and streaming tickets, tipping, and Stickits.*

*Stickits means digital stickers

For every 100 yen spent, you earn 1 Z-Point

How to use Z-Points?

You can redeem your Z-Points upon checkout

Every 1 Z-Point

Equals 1 Japanese Yen

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, you will need to subscribe to Zaiko Premium. The first month of Premium Membership is free of charge, and you can use your accumulated Z-Points to shop.

A: Z-Points are valid for 6 month after they are earned. If they are not used within this time frame, they will be automatically deducted from your point balance.

A: At the moment, yes, but soon we will be making Z-Points available for other currencies.


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