About Us

Since January 2019, ZAIKO has been providing a platform for artists and event organizers to connect directly with their fans with the latest and best technologies. Services include everything from creating an event page, ticket sales, and event live-streaming, to online merchandise sales.

When many artists, organizers and creators lost their main source of income as many offline events were canceled due to the pandemic, ZAIKO quickly worked on an alternative form of entertainment and became one of the first to start a ticketed live streaming service, which established the company as a pioneer in the industry.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a place for every artist, label, organizer, and creator to connect directly with their fans, and to be able to express their art freely and spontaneously, resulting in a more sustainable future for all involved.

Our Values


ZAIKO is new and is unlike anything that has ever existed before. It's not a copy of something else, it is a Japan-grown, Asia-based, 100% original technology that is constantly evolving. We love change and are not scared to try new things, even if we might fail. Making mistakes is simply a stepping stone on the path to learning, and what ZAIKO builds is setting a new standard for the entire industry.


Everyone at ZAIKO is responsible for giving their best effort. The people who work at ZAIKO are absolute experts and superstars and have the ability to do anything. At the same time, no job is beneath us. We trust each other to do our very best and when everyone is working hard, teamwork comes easy.


Zaiko is a diverse company. An excellent organization requires all types of opinions and working styles, as well as a mix of different talents. Zaiko works with everyone regardless of nationality, race, religion, size, ability, or LGBTQ+ status. We also recognize that encouraging employee diversity is not easy and never happens by accident - it takes effort and commitment.


Employee Stock Options

Annual Health Examinations and Influenza Vaccinations

Monthly Remote Work / Commuting Allowance

Flex Time

Employee Voices

Luis Sanchez

Project Management

I have learned many things during my time at Zaiko, but the most remarkable lesson has been learning to embrace an opportunity and put it into action. We have such an incredible group of multicultural talent with different backgrounds that are not scared to do new things and innovate.

Yuriko Hijikata

Software Engineer

Zaiko is my first job as a software engineer, and I could not be happier. I'm given every opportunity to grow and learn. My managers are supportive and the company provides me with a clear career path forward. This means learning new technology quickly, which I find to be both challenging and rewarding.

Genki Onouchi

Strategic Account

I joined Zaiko when it launched. I was inexperienced in everything, but through a wide range of tasks I was able to acquire more knowledge and learn how to act quickly, which in turn, gave me a great deal of confidence. Since there are people of various nationalities here, there is a lot of diversity. In addition, you can work your own way without feeling limited and ultimately be yourself. If you want to make something out of nothing, let's work together to make it happen at Zaiko!

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