Please cooperate in preventing the unauthorized resale of tickets.

To ensure that everyone can enjoy the event with peace of mind, we ask for your cooperation in preventing the illegal resale of tickets. Our company strives to ensure fair ticket sales so that all fans have an equal opportunity to obtain tickets.

1. Purchase Tickets through Official Channels Only

Always purchase tickets from our official sales website. Tickets purchased through unofficial channels are invalid and may result in denial of entry.

2. Avoid Purchasing Tickets from Strangers

Avoid obtaining tickets from individuals you do not know. Especially on online auctions, resale services, or through personal transactions on social media. You risk purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets, getting involved in unexpected crimes and you, yourself may face legal consequences.

3. Illegal Resale of Tickets is Strictly Prohibited

According to our terms of use, the resale of tickets is strictly prohibited. This includes:

  • Online auctions
  • Resale services
  • Personal transactions via social media

4. Measures Taken if Illegal Resale is Discovered

If the following acts are discovered, we will take strict measures:

  • Resale of tickets at a price higher, or lower, than the face value
  • Resale of tickets obtained through illegal means

If these acts are discovered, the relevant tickets will be invalidated without notice, and entry will be denied. Refunds will not be issued for invalidated tickets. Additionally, legal action may be taken.

5. Proper Use of Tickets

Use the transfer function to share tickets with friends and family. Tickets distributed this way can be used safely.

In case of illness and inability to attend, some events may allow you to add refund insurance ( at the time of purchase.

6. Examples of Problems with Resold Tickets

Purchasing resold tickets can lead to the following problems:

  • Counterfeit Tickets: There have been cases where tickets obtained through personal transactions were fake, resulting in denial of entry.
  • Invalid Tickets: Tickets resold were deemed invalid and could not be used at the time of entry.
  • Double Selling: The same ticket was resold to multiple people, leading to trouble at the time of entry.
  • No Compensation for Canceled or Postponed Events: Tickets purchased via online auctions could not be refunded when the event was canceled, as the refund was issued to the reseller who then became unreachable.

7. About the Law Prohibiting the Illegal Resale of Tickets

To ensure proper ticket distribution, the "Act on Prohibition of Unauthorized Ticket Resale" was enacted on June 14, 2019. Violators may face severe penalties under this law.

8. Contact Us

If you suspect illegal resale or have questions about tickets, please contact our customer support.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Enjoy your events with peace of mind by purchasing and using tickets correctly.