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Say goodbye to handling fees and get exclusive perks with Zaiko Connect.

Get all the benefits in one subscription plan

Subscribe for JP¥500 yen / 个月
Invoiced every 6 个月
No handling fee

Connect subscription = same cost as 1 show/month

Free events

Attend exclusive Zaiko events that require a Connect membership

Limited edition goods

Claim free NFTs, upgraded NFTs and limited edition goods for each event

Zaiko Points

Earn 2% on all Zaiko ticket purchases

+HD Audio

Enjoy live shows in high-definition surround sound (up to 384Kbps)

Extended archive

See live shows after they end for an extended period of time

Zaiko TV

Discover one-of-a-kind programs only available at Zaiko

Get everything Zaiko has to offer in one convenient membership

Zaiko Connect is the only way to enjoy all Zaiko benefits in a single plan. Instead of paying service fees on event tickets, members can subscribe to Connect and access a wide range of perks ranging from exclusive content to limited edition fan goods.

Buy tickets with no handling fee

Zaiko charges an 8 to 10% service fee on all ticket purchases. Unlike regular customers, Zaiko Connect members never pay service fees when purchasing tickets.

Special events pass

Connect members can attend Zaiko-hosted events for free. Zaiko sponsors unique shows each month so that members can discover new, one-of-a-kind experiences.

Free NFTs, upgrades and limited edition merchandise

Don’t miss out on exclusive physical and digital memorabilia. Only Connect members can get NFT ticket stubs for free, can purchase NFT upgrades and buy limited edition event merchandise not available anywhere else.

Use Zaiko Points For purchases

Connect members receive ¥2 for every ¥100 spent on Zaiko tickets, stubs, stickits, etc. Use Zaiko points to support artists, attend online events + in-person events for free.


Immerse yourself in 384Kbps HD surround sound audio

Enjoy live shows in high-definition surround sound (up to 384Kbps on applicable events)


See live events and special programs after they have ended, for as long as possible

Missed a performance? See your favorite artist’s performance within 30 days after the performance has ended instead of regular 14 days. With Extended Archive, you get more time to enjoy the content you love. (for applicable events only)

Watch TV shows and programs only available at Zaiko

Connect members get access to all Zaiko content. Discover new comedies, behind-the-scenes content, live performances and more with Zaiko TV.



See FAQ page

Connect is a popular membership club for music fans. It allows event-goers, music lovers and talent supporters to attend events at discounted rates and access hidden offers that are not available to the public.

Zaiko Connect is a 月费 subscription plan of JP¥500, invoiced every 6 个月.

Zaiko Connect is a JP¥500 per 个月 membership program invoiced every 6 个月 that offers a variety of benefits such as Zaiko TV with unlimited access to past live streams, purchase discounts with Zaiko Points, no purchase fees, ability to purchase extended archives of live streams, HD audio and more!

Benefits and Rewards

1.Event Pass
Event pass provides access to exclusive shows, digital goods and one in a lifetime experiences with the artists and creators you love made available through Zaiko Connect.

2. Unlimited Video-On-Demand with Zaiko TV
A Connect member exclusive video-on-demand (VOD) service that hosts a variety of live entertainment videos including music, theater, Zaiko original contents and more with new exciting videos added every month!

3. Enjoy live shows longer with extended archives (+Archive)
A longer than usual +Archive options (14 days/30 days period) can be purchased alongside live stream tickets to best suit your viewing style.

4. Enjoy high definition audio (+HD Audio)
Connect members can enjoy live performances with audio quality up to 384 kbps for supported events, without the additional fee.

5. Earn and use Zaiko Points by purchasing tickets
Connect members can earn 2 points for every 100 yen spent on tickets, Stickits, and more at Zaiko. These points can be used to pay for future purchases at Zaiko, with 1 point = 1 yen.

6. No ticket handling fee (100% Zaiko Points discount)
Zaiko Connect members never need to pay handling fees for events on the Zaiko platform.

Zaiko Connect is the consumer subscription arm of Zaiko that contains individual consumer subscription services like Zaiko Premium. In other words, Zaiko Premium is one of the paid consumer subscriptions under Zaiko Connect.

We are not accepting new Zaiko Premium subscriptions at this time but existing Zaiko Premium users can access all Zaiko Connect benefits including access to special Connect events.

Zaiko TV 提供包含摇滚,偶像活动,CLUB,非主流音乐等各种不同类型的视频。今后也将陆续更新,敬请关注。

You can cancel at any time.

To cancel your subscription, click the "Cancel" button on the following page:

Note: After you cancel your account, you will still be able to enjoy Zaiko Connect benefits until the date of your next payment date. The only exception is Zaiko Points which will immediately be forfeited when you cancel your account.


Subscribe for JP¥500 yen / 个月
Invoiced every 6 个月