Create Streaming Event and Ticket

What do I need to create an event?

After setting your account with the streaming service of your choice, you will need the following:
- Event details: name, date, time, duration, type of event and event description
- Ticket details: ticket price

Adding and updating your stream

You do not need to set up your stream when you make your event, you can add it when you are ready. 

You can choose Vimeo, YouTube, or Others. “Others” is strictly for Zaiko’s reference. Choosing “Others” does not mean that we will be adding your preferred streaming platform, but it could be added in the future. 

If you chose to update your stream after creating your event, please click on the “Approved” tab on ”Your Events”. Then click the “Update Stream” tab. 

Please enter your stream and click “Submit”. ​

What to consider for Streaming Start/End Date

You must choose a streaming start date at least 7 days from the day you create your event.
Your stream duration has a maximum of 3 hours.
Your streamed video will be archived for 3 days after the end of your stream.

What are Stickits?

Stickits are ZAIKO’s original digital stickers and were created to allow fans to provide additional financial support while interacting during your show.

Can I change the Stickit pricing and/or icons?

No, these cannot be changed.

What is tipping ad-on?

Tipping ad-on allows fans to donate more than the ticket price when purchasing a ticket.


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