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I want to know what ONEFAN is

ONEFAN is a subscription-based membership platform that allows fans to subscribe to NFT membership cards of their favorite creators and brands. Each time a fan subscribes to a creator's account, an ONEFAN ID NFT will be issued which becomes the proof of fandom. 

I want to know how to join the club (Become a Fan)

A ZAIKO account is required.
If you haven't created a ZAIKO account yet, please create from here.

【How to Subscribe (Become a Fan)】
1. Click on ""Join Now!"" on the ONEFAN page         

 2. Click on ""I agree to ZAIKO Terms of Service""

3. Go to Checkout
*Payment can be done with credit cards only

4. Click on ""Complete Order""
*All sales are final after purchasing an ID.

5. Purchased ID can be checked from ""My ONEFAN ID""

I want to know about the "Fans" section

From the "Fans" section, fans that are subscribing can be checked. It will be following the order of subscription of all fans.
Ex: The first user will be #1 and the following user will be #2.

*You will be displayed as "Name (YOU)".

I want to make a creator request

You may start a request to bring the creators you love to ONEFAN.
By submitting a request, it will put you in prime position once they do join, and you will have the opportunity to transfer your position into a ONEFAN NFT ID.

【How to Request】
1. Click the ""Request"" button on the search page
2. Make New Request
* Currently, users have a maximum of 3 requests.
3. Fill in details, and click ""Submit""

I want to check my account setting

You can check and change your registered details from the ZAIKO account page.

Your ONEFAN name will be the nickname registered on your ZAIKO account.
*If you haven't registered a nickname, your ZAIKO account name will be used.

*Please refer here to register/change your nickname 
(After registeration, please signout once and login again for it to be reflected)


I want to issue the receipt

Reciepts can be issued by PDF from this link.

※We do not issue receipts with the purchaser's name.

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