Support For Fans

I want to know what ONEFAN is

ONEFAN is a subscription-based membership platform that allows fans to subscribe to NFT membership cards of their favorite creators and brands.
Each time a fan subscribes to a creator's account, an ONEFAN ID NFT will be issued which becomes the proof of fandom. 

I want to know how to join the club (Become a Fan)

A ZAIKO account is required.
If you haven't created a ZAIKO account yet, please create from here.

[How to Subscribe (Become a Fan)]

1. Click on "Join Now!" on the ONEFAN page         

2. Click on "I agree to ZAIKO Terms of Service"

3. Go to Checkout
*Payment can be done with credit cards only

4. Click on "Complete Order"
*All sales are final after purchasing an ID.

5. Purchased ID can be checked from "My ONEFAN ID"

I want to know about the "Fans" section

From the "Fans" section, fans that are subscribing can be checked.
It will be following the order of subscription of all fans.

Ex: The first user will be #1 and the following user will be #2.

*You will be displayed as "Name (YOU)".

I want to make a creator request

You may start a request to bring the creators you love to ONEFAN.
By submitting a request, it will put you in prime position once they do join, and you will have the opportunity to transfer your position into a ONEFAN NFT ID.

[How to Request]
1. Click the "Request" button on the search page
2. Make New Request
* Currently, users have a maximum of 3 requests.
3. Fill in details, and click "Submit"

I want to check my account setting

You can check and change your registered details from the ZAIKO account page.

Your ONEFAN name will be the nickname registered on your ZAIKO account.
*If you haven't registered a nickname, your ZAIKO account name will be used.

*Please refer here to register/change your nickname 
(After registeration, please signout once and login again for it to be reflected)


Manage your credit card information for ONEFAN

1. Log in to Zaiko and click the profile icon on the top right corner. Select “My Account

2. From the left menu, click on “Account Settings” then select “Membership”.

3. Click on the “Edit” button for ONEFAN subscription then select “Edit Card Info”

4. You can view the card currently registered to the account by clicking on “Registered Credit Card.” 
- You can remove a registered credit card by clicking on “Remove my card”.
- Please note the system does not support changing an existing credit card directly. Please remove the old credit card and register a new one instead.

5. Click on “New Credit Card” to register a new credit card to the account.

I want to issue the receipt

Reciepts can be issued by PDF from this link.

※We do not issue receipts with the purchaser's name.

I want to know the subscription's next payment date

Depending on your registered date, the next payment date will differ.
Your payment date can be checked here.

* In case of the last day of the month:
Ex: Registered on 1/31
Payment Cycle will be 2/28 > 3/31 > 4/30

I want to know how to cancel the subscription

ONEFAN can be canceled at any time.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, please access to below link and click on "Cancel".

Your ONEFAN ID will remain valid until the next payment date.
*Once the next payment date pasts, you will become an invalid user.

I want to know the benefits from the creators

Creators will decide what benefits to offer their fans.
Please check the details on the creator's ONEFAN page.

I want to know if I will be charged if I resubscribe

[How to resubscribe]

Before your next Payment Date:

Click "Resume" from below link.
*You will not be charged again
*You will be able to resume with the same ONEFAN ID

After your next Payment Date:
You will have to start the ONEFAN subscription process again.
*You will be able to resume with the same ONEFAN ID

For your subscription details, please check here.

I want to know how to make an offer

"Offer" is a function in order to trade, buy and sell ONEFAN ID positions.
You have to join the desired ONEFAN in order to make offers.


1. Select the higher ID from the "Fans" list that you would like to trade for and click "Make an offer"

2. Complete the 2-Factor verification then enter the offer amount
*2FA must be completed before making an offer
*For more details regarding security setup, please check here

3. Click "Preview Offer"

4. Go over your offer details and click "Confirm"

5. Register your payment card details and click "Submit Offer"
*The amount you have offered will be put on hold on your credit card

6. From [Settings] > [Trades], you will be able to see your trading status
 (The owner of the ID that you are offering to trade for has 72 hours to accept or reject your offer)

Being offered:

1. From [Settings] > [Trades], confirm the offer you received

2. In case of accepting, click on the offer and select "Accept"
*If you do nothing the offer will expire after 72 hours

3. Once accepted: 
The offer amount will be sent to your wallet (excluding fees)


*You rank number can be checked from the "Fans" section.
The rank up/rank down arrows will be updated every 2 weeks.

I want to know the fees for trading

Fees incurred when a trade is completed

- If you make an offer: 5%(including tax) of the offered amount 
- If you accept an offer: 10%(including tax) of the offered amount

I want to cancel my offer

You can cancel your offer at any time, but your offer will automatically cancel within 72 hours if not accepted by the other party.
After cancellation, you can make another offer.

Moreover, if you cancel an offer, refunds are generally processed immediately,
but the number of days may vary depending on your credit card company or bank.

I want to know the flow for security setup

In order for you to safely and securely trade IDs, Two-factor authentication and ID Verification are required.

1. Click on "Start Two-factor authentication setup"
2. Register your phone number
3. Input the SMS verification code
4. Proceed ID verification following the steps on your screen

I want to know how I can withdraw balance from my wallet

From [Settings] >[My Wallet], you may withdraw your balance.
If you wish to withdraw, click "Withdraw Balance" to proceed

*Withdrawal can be done once your balance is above ¥5,000.
Moreover, please note that we do not accept partial withdrawals.

I want to know the payout schedule

Your payout will be sent at the end of the month following your withdrawl to your registered bank.

Can I use the funds in my wallet to trade or buy things on Zaiko?

No, funds on your wallet can only be withdrawn to your bank account. 
Trades will be done by credit card only.

I want to share on SNS

Clicking on the "Share" button on your ONEFAN ID allows you to share your details on Facebook, Twitter, LINE.

I want to know about the "sign" and "like"

Creators may like or sign your ONEFAN ID. If your card is liked or has a signature, you can check the records in "My ONEFAN ID" tag.
*Once your card is liked by the creator, it will remain even if your rank changes.