Zaiko Connect

What is the cost for Connect?

Zaiko Connect is a 6-month subscription plan of 500 yen per month.  It is charged at one time, every 6 months, for 3000 yen.

※ As billing occurs on a 6-month basis, so the difference could not be refunded if you cancel mid-course.

Why the change from 2900 for 6 months?

The change reflects the added functions and capabilities we are planning for the Connect service which will involve additional costs for Zaiko.  We will, for the foreseeable future, keep existing members at 483 yen per month (in 6-month increments of 2900 yen).  

Sometime in the future, if this cost increases, we will inform all users several months in advance.

What about premium members?

For our Premium service users, we will be working on a way for you to convert your subscription to Connect.  We will keep you informed once this process is finalized.

What are the benefits of Zaiko Connect membership?

Zaiko Connect is a 3,000 yen (tax included) per 6 months membership program that offers a variety of benefits such as Zaiko TV with unlimited access to past live streams, purchase discounts with Zaiko Points, no purchase fees, ability to purchase extended archives of live streams, HD audio and more!

Benefits and Rewards

1. Event Pass

Event pass provides access to exclusive shows, digital goods and one in a lifetime experiences with the artists and creators you love made available through Zaiko Connect.

2. Unlimited Video-On-Demand with Zaiko TV

A Connect member exclusive video-on-demand (VOD) service that hosts a variety of live entertainment videos including music, theater, Zaiko original contents and more with new exciting videos added every month!

3. Enjoy live shows longer with extended archives(+Archive)

A longer than usual +Archive options (14 days/30 days period) can be purchased alongside live stream tickets to best suit your viewing style.

4. Enjoy high definition audio(+HD Audio)

Connect members can enjoy live performances with audio quality up to 384 kbps for supported events, without the additional fee.

5. Earn and use Zaiko Points by purchasing tickets

Connect members can earn 2 points for every 100 yen spent on tickets, Stickits, and more at Zaiko. These points can be used to pay for future purchases at Zaiko, with 1 point = 1 yen.

6. No ticket handling fee (100% Zaiko Points discount)

Zaiko Connect members never need to pay handling fees for events on the Zaiko platform.

*Currently, only tickets sold in Japanese yen are rewarded with points for purchase fees. Please note that tickets sold in foreign currency are not supported.

Can I cancel my Zaiko Connect membership?

You can cancel at any time.

To cancel your subscription, click the "Cancel" button on the following page:

You can still enjoy the benefits of Zaiko Connect membership until the next payment date, but your Zaiko points will be canceled immediately.

If you wish to resume within the next payment date, you can start using the service again without incurring a charge.

Manage your credit card information for Zaiko Connect

1. Log in to Zaiko and click the profile icon on the top right corner. Select “My Account

2. From the left menu, click on “Account Settings” then select “Membership”.

3. Click on the “Edit” button then select “Edit Card Info”

4. You can view the card currently registered to the account by clicking on “Registered Credit Card.” 
- You can remove a registered credit card by clicking on “Remove my card”.
- Please note the system does not support changing an existing credit card directly. Please remove the old credit card and register a new one instead.

5. Click on “New Credit Card” to register a new credit card to the account.

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