What is +Archive?

+Archive is an option to extend the event's archive period to 7 days, 14 days or 30 days upon purchasing a ticket. After the event, you may watch the archive as many times as you want according to the days you selected.

- Certain events do not have the +Archive option. Please check the event page for more details.
- If you select the Connect member price, you will automatically be subscribed to Zaiko Connect. (¥3,000/6 month)

How much does +Archive cost?

The +Archive option is available to all Zaiko users.

General members can add the +Archive option for free or at a reduced price for Zaiko Connect Premium members, at the general member price.

Zaiko Connect Premium members should select the Connect price.

General members should note that selecting the Connect rate will automatically register you as a Zaiko Connect member (3,000 yen for half a year), so make sure you select the rate you want.

If you select the General Member rate, you will not be registered as a Connect member.

For more information on Zaiko Connect membership, please click here.

Currently only Zaiko Connect is available for new registrations.

Where can I check the archive period I selected?

You can check from the receipt page.

I want to add the +Archive option to my purchased ticket

Once ticket purchase is complete, amending the archive period or undoing the ticket application is not allowed.

If you wish to add the +Archive option to your ticket, you need to re-purchase the ticket.
By doing so, please be noted that you will be purchasing the ticket twice intentionally.

I want to cancel the +Archive option

As stated in the terms and conditions, all sales are final.

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