Zaiko Premium

How much does Zaiko Premium cost?

Zaiko Premium is a monthly subscription of ¥600 (tax included).

What are the benefits of Zaiko Premium Membership?

【+ Archive】
+Archive is an option to extend the event's archive period to 14 days or 30days (or no archive) upon purchasing a ticket. After the event, you may watch the archive as many times as you want.

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【ZAIKO TV (Former: Encore Theatre)】
ZAIKO TV (Former: Encore Theatre) lets you enjoy watching exclusive archived events wherever and whenever you wish.

【+ HD Audio】
+HD Audio is an Audio Quality option that can be selected upon purchasing a ticket.
By selecting the HD Audio, you can watch the streaming with a maximum of 384kbps bitrate.

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Z-Points is a members-only point system for ZAIKO Premium subscribers.
Users can earn and redeem points for discounts on ticket purchases.
1 Z-Points= 1 JPY
【Purchase Ticket with No Handling Fee】
Every time you purchase a ticket, you will receive Z-Points that equal the handling fee amount.
By manually redeeming, you will be able to save the fee.
*Handling fee differs depending on the ticket.
*Handling fee will not be automatically removed.
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What types of shows are available in ZAIKO TV (Former: Encore Theatre)?

ZAIKO TV (Former: Encore Theatre) includes a wide range of events that have been previously featured on our Zaiko Streaming platform, including Rock, Idol, Clubs, Independent Live Shows and many more. They all share one common element: they are some of our best shows on Zaiko. We are continuously updating it so you will not miss out.

Can I cancel my Zaiko Premium membership?

You may cancel your membership anytime.

However, the Subscription can not be canceled for a certain period.
Please click the cancel button from here to check the exact date.
*Subscription will not be canceled until you click [Yes].

After cancellation, a confirmation email will be sent to your address.

Email Title: You have left ZAIKO Premium

*After cancellation, your subscription will be valid until the next billing date listed on your membership page. However, please note that you will forfeit Z-Points immediately, even if you later re-subscribe to ZAIKO Premium Membership.

* If you resume your membership before the next billing date, you will be able to enjoy ZAIKO Premium without any additional charge.

What happens if I cancel Zaiko Premium Membership early?

Below benefits will become unavailable immediately after cancellation.

・Z-Points cannot be used/earned
*Your Z-Points will immediately expire.

・Handling fee will be normally charged.
*You will not receive Z-Points that equal the handling fee.

What happens with the purchased +Archive ticket / +HD Audio ticket if I cancel my ZAIKO Premium subscription?


Before your next billing date: You can enjoy the archive streaming even after canceling your subscription.

After your billing date: You will not be able to watch the streaming, regardless of the remaining archive period.

【+HD Audio】

Before your next billing date: You can enjoy the streaming with high audio quality even after canceling your subscription.

After your billing date: You will not be able to watch the streaming, regardless of the remaining archive period.
*Non-premium members can add the +HD Audio option upon purchasing with an additional 200JPY.

Can I download the shows on my streaming device?

No, however remember you can watch the shows that you want as much as long as they are in the library.

How often does the library update?

We are adding shows to the ZAIKO TV (Former: Encore Theatre) continuously.

Can I request an addition to the ZAIKO TV (Former: Encore Theatre)?

Sure. Make sure that event has been featured on ZAIKO TV (Former: Encore Theatre). Please send us the details through the request form at the bottom of this page. Don't forget to attach the link of the event.

How do I pay for Zaiko Premium?

Payments for subscriptions are only available through credit card. Monthly subscription payments will be directly debited from the credit card you used when registering to the service.

Can I resume if I cancel Zaiko Premium?

Yes! We'd love to have you back, so whenever you're ready, please resume the membership from here.


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