How can I make my Digitamas available for sale?

1. Log in to Digitama.io using your Zaiko credentials, and select the menu option "Your Digitamas".


2. The "Owned" tab should be displayed by default. You can also tap "Owned" if it's not.

3. Select the Digitama you wish to make available for sale, and select "Edit sales settings".


3. Select the desired Sales setup:

  • Fixed Price - where you determine the price of the asset.
  • Minimum Offer - where you determine the minimum price of the asset and make it open for offers that can be equal or higher than that price.


4. Enter the price of the Digitama, and for the best visibility of your Digitama, you can choose to make it visible to all users.

5. Click on “Save” to save your changes.

What is the Digitama Store?

The Digitama Store on the streaming page shows event-related Digitama available for purchase. You can purchase Digitama using a credit card. ※What is Digitama?

Digitamas purchased from the Digitama Store on the streaming page will be minted 3~5 days after the event ends (archive period included).

You will be able to see your Digitama by logging into digitama.io and navigating to "My Digitama" → "Owned" after the minting process is complete.

I want to create a Digitama account

Using the Digitama service requires a Zaiko account (free registration). If you already have a Zaiko account, please follow the steps here.

1. Visit https://digitama.io

2. The screen "Digitama.io wants to use your ZAIKO account for login" will appear, click "Authorize."

3. You will be able to access Digitama.

I want to know more about Digitama/Digitama Stubs

“Digitama™,” an abbreviation of “digital tamashi ("soul" in Japanese)," is a service that allows fans to acquire the ownership of creators’ digital content through blockchain and is also synonymous with digital content created by creators.

Through the blockchain ledger, it is possible to prove that the artist is the owner of his/her digital content, offering an unprecedented platform for the collection of digital content and the reselling of the rights to make a profit. It allows you to take ownership of your own digital assets with a whole new sense of value.

[Digitama Stubs]
Digitama Stubs are digital stubs with NFT value that can be purchased as an additional option when purchasing electronic tickets for Zaiko events.

Like with paper ticket stubs, you can use NFT to collect your own ticket stubs (= Stubs) on the web.
You can leave behind your favorite artist's event participation record and memories as NFT.

*Depending on the event, Digitama Stubs may not be an option. Please check each event page for details.

I want to change my member information

You can change it by clicking "Edit Your Profile" on the "Account" screen.

What is the difference between Digitama handle and Digitama display name?

A Digitama handle is a unique Digitama account name created by each customer using Digitama. Please note that Digitama handles cannot be duplicated and cannot be changed once created.

Your Digitama display name is like a nickname that you can use on your Digitama site. There is no duplication limit, and you can even use emojis. Unlike your Digitama handle, your Digitama display name can be changed many times.

What happens if I set my account privacy settings to Private Collection?

If you set your account visibility to "Private Collection," your profile will appear as "This account is private" to other users, and your Digitama information will not be visible to anyone but yourself.

Note: If you have created Digitama before, you will need to make your account public as a creator, so you will not be able to use the "Private Collection" function. If you plan to create Digitama in the future, you will need to switch from "Private Collection" to "Public Account" when creating Digitama.

Also, if you want to edit the public settings of your Digitama, you can click the "Edit Digitama" button on the Digitama details screen and change from "Visible to All" to "Link Access Only". For details, see [Digitama's Link Access Only Function].

I want to search for a particular Digitama/creator

Search functionality is not available at this time.

How can I share to Instagram?

We currently do not support posting on Instagram. Please use the method of copying and sharing the link.

I want to change my Digitama handle

You cannot change your handle after creating your profile. For details, see [What is the difference between the Digitama handle and the Digitama display name?].

Can I trade my Digitama on other NFT platforms?

Digitama aims to provide the best creator-fan experience to serve both ends. To observe fan activities across the Zaiko platform, Digitama assets can only be traded within its own marketplace at this time.

Can I switch from a personal bank account to a corporate bank account?

Please contact us:

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