Live Chat

How to live chat during the show

There are 3 types of live chat.
Please note that these types are decided by event organizers beforehand.

①「ZAIKO Chat」: Chat in the streaming page
②「Twitter」: Tweet with the #hashtag
③「Disqus」: Create an account with Disqus and join the chat

How to determine which?
On the streaming page, there is a button named ""Live Chat"".
Please click this button, and you will be able to see whether it's ①, ②, or ③


①「ZAIKO Chat」: Chat in the streaming page

②「Twitter」: Tweet with the #hashtag

②「Disqus」: Make an account with Disqus, and make a comment


How to chat using ZAIKO Chat

On the streaming page, there is a chatting section in the right.
By directly posting there, you can join the chat.

※Nickname will be shown when you chat
※Nickname can be registered/changed from here

How to chat usingTwitter

By tweeting with the hashtag from your own twitter account, youw tweet will automatically reflect in the chat section of the streaming page. (If you tweet without the Hashtag, it will NOT reflect to the streaming page.)

Open your own twitter account, or login from the streaming page.
We recommend using twitter on a different device/tab to prevent the streaming from being stopped or unstable.

※Your twitter name will be revealed on the chat field
※Your tweet will not be displayed if you are using a private account
※Hashtag will be shared via the event organizer/artist's official twitter page, Zaiko's event page, etc.

How to chat using Disqus

Login or create a new Disqus account with your email or SNS account beforehand.
Once you have an account, you can join the chat from the streaming page.

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