Ticket Confirmation

Where can I find my tickets on ZAIKO?

Please log into your ZAIKO account and select the ticket. You can view the ticket details as below. Please note that ZAIKO does not issue paper tickets.

I cannot find my ticket on ZAIKO, what should I do?

There are some cases where you are not able to see your tickets under your account.

You may have purchased your tickets with a different account.

  1. Please try your other e-mail address on ZAIKO. Also, consider that you may have used Facebook or another 3rd party service to create your account. In that case, the e-mail address you used with that service will be the one assigned to your ZAIKO account.

Payment has not been completed.

  1. Please check your payment record whether or not it has been processed or not.

I did not receive the ticket confirmation email, what should I do?

Please check your junk/spam box. Ticket confirmation e-mail is not your E-ticket. Please log into your ZAIKO account and check your E-ticket.

So I have bought and received my ticket. What is the next step?

Please follow these instructions on the day of the event.

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