What is Z-Points?

Z-Points is a members-only point system for ZAIKO Premium subscribers.
Users can earn and redeem points for discounts on ticket purchases.
*Avaialble only on ZAIKO Premium's active subscription
*1 Z-Points = 1 JPY

For more details, please click here

For Terms of Service, please click here

I want to redeem Z-Points.

[Flow of use]

1. From the purchase button, check the "Redeem My Z-Points" check box on the "Payment method" page
    *Balance remaining differs depending on the users.

2. Enter the points you want to use and click the "Redeem" button
* Points will not be redeemed unless you enter the point amount.

3. Confirm Z-Points being applied and click the "Complete order" button
* Payment method is credit card only.

I want to check the expiration date and transactions history of my Z-Points.

Z-Points activity details (transaction history, points expiring, etc) can be checked from here.

* Z-Points are valid for 6 month after they are earned.
If they are not used within this time frame, they will be automatically deducted from your point balance.

I want to know why my Z-Points expired

Possible reasons loosing Z-Points from account:

1. Expiration
2. Unsubscribtion from ZAIKO Premium membership

*Z-Points is only available on an active ZAIKO Premium subscription
*Z-Points cannot be recovered even if the subscription is resumed.

I want to redeem Z-Points to my purchased ticket.

Once ticket purchase is completed, Z-Points cannot be redeemed afterwards.

I want to cancel the redeemed Z-Points.

As stated in the terms and conditions, all sales are final.

I want to use Z-Points with non-Japanese currencies.

Z-Points is only available for JPY Yen purchases at the moment, but soon it will be available for other currencies.

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