Support Stickits and Streaming Stickits

What is support Stickit?

Support Stickits are a way to contribute monetarily to the streaming show.
As you can support at the same time you purchase a ticket, it will not be shown on the streaming show.

The support amount will be donated to the event organizer.

I want to purchase support Stickits

On the ticket purchase page, there will be an option for purchasing support Stickits.

Please select the option, and pay the amount the same as the ticket fee.
Individual purchase of support Stickits cannot be done.

※There are events without the support Stickits option due to the setting made by the event organizer.
    You will not be able to do support Stickits if the option is not showing.

What is Stickits?

Stickits is a digital stamp to contribute monetarily during live streaming.
You can react during the streaming with this.

On the streaming page, purchase as many as you want during and after the show.
You can view your purchased Stickits here

I want to buy Stickits

1. Select the Stickits you want to purchase and click the blue button "Buy" at the bottom right.

2. Enter your credit card information and check the purchase price. Click the "Purchase" button to complete the purchase.


  • If you select "Enable 1-click purchase during this stream" before clicking the purchase button, your credit card information will be saved temporarily. You will be able to skip the billing information screen and make a purchase directly by clicking on the "purchase" button.


  • If you wish to disable 1-click purchase or change the credit card information, please refresh the page or close the page then open it again.
  • Please note the Stickits are not refundable for any reason.
  • The Stickits feature may not be applicable depending on the settings of the event organizer. If the [Stickits] option is not displayed, Stickits are not available for purchase.
  • Stickits are not available for purchase on the Zaiko app.
  • You can view your purchased Stickits here. 

Nickname setting for Stickits

How to set your nickname:

On the streaming page, there is a box with the title "Please enter your nickname".
After typing in the nickname, click "Update".

Where will the nickname be shown:

when a user purchases Stickits, a live update will fly across the top of the video showing what they have purchased.

This will be visible for both users and organizers. 

If you have a nickname registered in advance, your nickname will show as well.
If you do not have a nickname registered, your name will show as "Anonymous".

*There are events with a ranking system for Stickits' purchase amount.
Nickname or "Anonymous" will be used in the ranking.

If you wish to change your nickname, click here

I want to cancel the support Stickits

once you purchase the support Stickits, all sales are final.

I want to cancel the Stickits

All the Stickits sales are final.

The following message is also displayed during the purchase flow:

"All purchases are non-refundable, please confirm your order before purchasing."

I can't find the option for support Stickits/Stickits

There are events without the support Stickits/Stickits options due to the setting made by the event organizer.

You will not be able to do support Stickits if the option is not showing.

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