Ticket Modification

I have mistakenly registered my first and last name in the wrong order. How can I change that?

Technically speaking there should not be any problems with having your first and last name filled in the wrong order. However, on the day of the event the door staff may carry out an ID check. Please follow the steps below:

1. Please log into your ZAIKO account, select your ticket and click "Edit Name".
2. Click "My name is wrong"

3. Enter the correct name and click "Update".

Please note that you can update your ticket information only once, so consider updating your name under account settings as well. This will put your name in the correct order when you make your new ticket purchase.

How can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Note: This function is only allowed for OFFLINE SHOWS.

1. Please log into your ZAIKO account, select your ticket and click "Edit Name".
2. Click "It's for someone else".

3. Enter the person's name and e-mail address and click "Update".
Once you have transferred the ticket, the recipient will receive an email from ZAIKO.  The email includes a link. The link will show the eTICKET ACCESS page. 
The recipient must link his or her account before accessing the ticket. Please read the terms carefully and click "LINK TO ACCOUNT". 


4. The recipient is able to see “TRANSFERRED TICKET” on their E-ticket page.

I have mistakenly purchased the wrong date for a multi-day event. Is it possible to change the date on my e-ticket?

Due to our organizer policy, we are unable to change the date on your ticket. But you have the option of transferring your ticket to anyone interested in attending. Click here to learn how to transfer tickets.

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