Group Ticketing

What is a group ticket?

If you use a "group ticket" to purchase multiple tickets for the same event, you can enter as a group.

* For some events, "group ticket" may not be available.

In case your guests will be entering separately, 

you will need to register your guest name and email address to the group ticket until the day before the event.

The number of participants is larger than the number of group tickets that can be purchased

If group tickets cannot be purchased at the same time for the number of participants due to the limited number of tickets that can be purchased, you must be purchased separately.

I want to change the number of group tickets

The number of group tickets purchased once cannot be changed.
Please check the number of people before purchasing the ticket.

I want to enter individually from my group

How to allow guests to enter individually:

1. log in to ZAIKO, and click on the Eticket from here.
2. Click "ADD NAMES"
3. Add the guest's name/email address

※The guest needs a ZAIKO account in advance.
※The ticket purchaser needs to do the above process.

How to enter just as guests

In case the ticket purchaser not joining the event,

please register the guests to your group ticket in advance.

Guests will be declined to enter if guest registration has not proceeded beforehand.

Click here to learn how to add guests.

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