What is +Archive?

+Archive is an option to extend the event's archive period to 7 days, 14 days or 30 days upon purchasing a ticket. After the event, you may watch the archive as many times as you want according to the days you selected.

- Certain events do not have the +Archive option. Please check the event page for more details.
- If you select the Connect member price, you will automatically be subscribed to Zaiko Connect. (¥2,900/6 month)

How much does +Archive cost?

Premium members can add the +Archive option for free or the discounted price.
Non-premium members can also add the option with the regular price.

Where can I check the archive period I selected?

You can check from the receipt page.

I want to add the +Archive option to my purchased ticket

Once ticket purchase is complete, amending the archive period or undoing the ticket application is not allowed.

If you wish to add the +Archive option to your ticket, you need to re-purchase the ticket.
By doing so, please be noted that you will be purchasing the ticket twice intentionally.

I want to cancel the +Archive option

As stated in the terms and conditions, all sales are final.

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