How to purchase a ticket

A ZAIKO account is required before purchasing a ticket.
Please click here to create ZAIKO account or log in. 

1. From the event details page, click "Buy Now" on the ticket type you would like to purchase. 

2. Fill out the required information and "I agree to the ZAIKO Terms of Service"

※All sales are final.

3. Please confirm your purchase details and choose a payment method.

You can pay by credit card, Convenient store payment, Paypal, Wechat, and Alipay.

※Depending on the event, the convenience store payment method may not be available.
※Convenient Store Payment is available only in Japan.

For further details about each payment method, please refer to the "Payment" FAQ.

4. Fill out the necessary payment information and click on "Complete Order"

5. You can check your ticket on the page "Upcoming Tickets".
※In the case of Convenient Store Payment, the ticket will not show up unless you pay at the convenience store.

NOTE: We do not provide bookings via phone/ email.


How to use Convinience Store Payment

Convenience store payment can be done at any Lawson/Ministop/FamilyMart/Seicomart store in Japan.

①How to apply for convinience store payment

1. Login, and click the "Buy Now" button of the ticket you wish to purchase

2. Type in the Contact Information, and agree to the terms and conditions
After purchasing the ticket, you cannot change anything such as the purchaser's name or ticket type.

3. Choose "Convenience Store" for the payment method

②How to pay

After applying, you will receive a Japanese email to your registered email address

Email title: 『Convenience Store Payment Information』
Email sent from: noreply@zaiko.io
If you failed to receive the email, please refer here.

If you failed to complete your payment before the deadline mentioned in the email, the ticket you applied for will be invalid.

- After the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation paper(取扱明細書兼領収書) from the store.

- After you complete the payment, it will take a certain time for the ticket to be reflected on the "Upcoming Tickets" page.

How to use Credit Card Payment

1. After logging in, click the "Purchase" button for the ticket.

2. Please enter the purchaser information and check "I accept the terms of use."
After confirming your purchase, click "Continue".

After purchasing the ticket, you cannot change anything such as the purchaser's name or ticket type.

3. If you have a credit card registered, please select "Use Credit Card On File". If you are registering your credit card for the first time, please select "New Credit Card".

You will be required to fill in the card number, name on card, expiration date, and the security code.

4. Click "Complete Order" and your purchase is complete.

5. After completing the ticket purchase, you can check the purchased tickets in"Upcoming Tickets". 
*Your credit card information will be stored in the system,
but please be assured that your credit card information can only be viewed by yourself.

*You can delete your registered credit card information here.
Registering a new credit card can only be done when purchasing a ticket.

If you have any questions regarding credit card payment, please refer to "Payment". 

I can't verify my phone number

SMS code verification flow:

Select the country code and enter your mobile phone number, then click "Receive authentication code".
If your country code is not in the list, select "Others (+)" and enter your country code and phone number.
Enter the code received via SMS and click "Authenticate".
If you are unable to receive the phone number authentication code via email, the following reasons may apply:

● Incorrect phone number input.
● Delayed reception due to congestion at the SMS sending center.
● SMS reception rejection set by spam mail filters, etc.
● Communication is only possible with Wi-Fi, or the device is in airplane mode.
 (You cannot receive SMS if mobile communication is not available. You need to turn on mobile communication.)
● Poor mobile communication signal.
● You may be able to receive it by restarting your device.
● Wait for a while and try again.
● The phone number has already been authenticated with another account.

You cannot authenticate the same phone number with multiple accounts.

If the error message "This phone number is already being used by another account" appears, it is possible that the phone number has been authenticated with another email address or a social account (Google/Facebook/Twitter/LINE) on Zaiko. Please log in to the corresponding Zaiko account again.

상위 질문에서 해결이 되지 않을 경우, 아래로 연락 부탁드립니다.